About Cyclus

Cyclus is a progressive brand that places a high value on sustainability.


Old washing machine drums are transformed into a unique Cyclus Ecodrum so that as little material as possible is thrown away.


We believe in a sustainable world in which more and more products are reused and can be given a new purpose.


We produce unique and durable fireplaces that can provide a magical evening with their atmospheric fire.

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Old washing machine drums made of stainless steel

The Cyclus fireplaces are manufactured from old washing machine drums and are therefore known as circular products. The fire pits are made of stainless steel and are of high quality.

Why buy a Cyclus Ecodrum?

The most important advantages of a Cyclus fire pit.

Quality stainless steel

The fireplace is made of high quality stainless steel.


With a Cyclus fireplace you make a statement. On to a sustainable world!


The Cyclus fireplaces are made from used washing machine drums. This makes each Cyclus unique.


And most important of all: you can light a cosy fire in the cycle!

Where can you buy Cyclus?

Roba design shop